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Audrey is a live audio experience which matches readers with listeners online to read aloud interesting and thought-provoking fiction and non-fiction.

This service is for people who enjoy reading and social connection, and like to hear diverse viewpoints. People can choose to be either the reader or listener. We match people with shared interests, but diverse life journeys, and provide engaging books, in order that the reading experience is stimulating and meaningful.

Our journey is just beginning, but even so we’ve already matched a real variety of people. For example in the last few days…

A relationship therapist and medical doctor read about attachment theory
An elderly person and an 8 year old read Roald Dahl: Tales from Childhood
A retired judge and a history student read Darkest Hour, by Anthony McCarten
A professional musician and a teaching assistant read Musicophilia, by Oliver Sacks
A young playwright and an experienced radio presenter read Wonder, by R J Palacio

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